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Young Entrepreneurs Venture to Make Their Mark by Market Action Research
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Calabasas, Calif. (PRWEB) February 06, 2012

Market research company, Market Action Research (MAR), is the first company of its kind to offer services that can launch viral research campaigns through social media. MAR uses customizable and branded survey interfaces to match the style of all client requests.

“Our focus is on the consumer research of wine, however with the newly developed survey methodology, we are ready to take our experience in market research and technology systems to assist any company looking to answer their business questions,” - Brandon Lippincott, CEO, Market Action Research.

Standard survey research practices are more traditionally restricted to telephone, paper surveys, and focus groups. A new and innovative step for the market research industry is to fully integrate surveys on Facebook business pages. These techniques have yielded results in the past and show promise for the future. According to Nielsen’s, a media research company, Sep. 2011 report, American’s spent about 6.4 hours a month on Facebook. The Facebook statistics page reports that there are 840 million active users and more that 50 percent of users log in every day.

“We are ready and have the experience to conduct any type of traditional or non-traditional research project. When it comes to the need for businesses to understand and utilize their Facebook page for consumer insights, the proof is in the numbers. The incorporation of market research and social media is inevitable, extending any business’s reach to a global level,” said Lippincott.

For more information on Market Action Research, visit the website or contact Brandon Lippincott at [email protected].

About Market Action Research

Founded in 2011, Market Action Research is a boutique research firm that specializes in the execution of research projects. Their focus is to provide clients with high quality research to help them make business decisions.

Known as being one of the first start-up market research companies to embrace fully branded social media surveys, Market Action Research is leveraged for success in the market research industry to become a master of research methodologies that provide unique solutions for companies in the wine industry and all companies.

Market Action Research’s team members are young innovators in the research industry looking forward to leading the way in market research expertise and software.

For more information about Market Action Research’s social media survey campaigns or about launching a customized research project, please visit

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