About Us

The MARS team is here to help you accomplish all your web/mobile application projects and corporate branding needs no matter how big or small. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your business and help you take it where you want it to go.

Market Action Research, Inc. founded in 2011


Brandon Lippincott
Co-Founder, CEO

Since 2011, Brandon has lead the MARS team from it's very first open-source survey project to launching two new sub-divisions of MARS, Martians.co & InstallYourSSL.com. His expertise shines through in helping start-up companies become profitable  starting from the formulation of concepts and turning them into sustainable businesses with scalable business systems.

Joshua Hernandez
Co-Founder, CTO

Since 2011, Josh has lead MARS team's technology from it's very first server to scaling the MARS brands on platforms that reach around the globe. His expertise is most notable in providing high-level technical overview, and in-depth back-end data analysis. Josh has built and help scale several start-up companies and helps our clients have the best in tech.



MarSpace.co is Launched In 2012

Marspace.co was focused on providing affordable web hosting and domain registrar solitions

Martians.co Launches In 2014

MarSpace.co merges with Martians.co, a division of Market Action Research, Inc., focuses on basic web maintenance, updates, and graphics for small to medium sized businesses. Martians.co also provides other business start-up solutions, such as managed web hosting solutions and SSL Certificates.

MARS Team Attends CES January 2015

Market Action Research, Inc. joins Consumer Electronics Association

InstallYourSSL.com Launches in April 2015

InstallYourSSL.com, a division of Market Action Research, Inc., launches new line of services with a focus on cyber security and web security solutions.

MARS Team attends CES January 2016

Market Action Research, Inc. renews affiliation with Consumer Technology Association (formally Consumer Electronics Association CEA)