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About Market Action Research

Market Action Research began in 2011 in Los Angeles, California. At the time, internet on phones was relatively new, the iPhone 4 was the newest smartphone, and mobile apps were still a new concept to many.

Our first project was helping to bring market research tools and survey software on the web, which at the time were still largely done over the phone or on paper. Our very first challenge was to make a more consumer-friendly survey software for people to take surveys on their phones and on social media platforms.

Around this time we helped further develop an open source software called LimeSurvey. Today, that software has been downloaded and used hundreds of thousands of times worldwide.

Since then, we broadened our focus to our current and three core competencies of our business, which include custom web development projects, online marketing, and technology consulting. Over the years we have helped companies build successful enterprises from the ground up, as well as, taken existing business to the next level.

Today we continue to keep our hand on the pulse of the industry, and understand what it takes to achieve web success. If you're ready to make your next web project a huge success, contact us today or schedule your very first consultation for free.


Market Action Research's leadership is based in sunny California!

Brandon Lippincott

Brandon Lippincott - Founder, CEO

Brandon Lippincott

In 2011, Brandon Lippincott founded Market Action Research in Los Angeles, California. He is currently the CEO and a lead web programmer. His professional experience is in web development, marketing research and services, and various technologies. He is comfortable and familiar working with large enterprises, medium sized organizations, and start-up companies too. Brandon's personal approach with clients helps keep businesses ahead in world of web tech. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, exploring nature, and experimenting with new technologies in the fields of virtual reality, PC Gaming, computer hardware, and others. Overall, technology has and continues to play an important role in many parts of his life and career.

Open Source Philosophy

We are big believers in open source technologies! This is why we have always and continue to support Open Source Communities.

If you haven't heard of the term "open source", it's basically a type of community supported software or technology where the grant holders let other programmers and developers use, change, and distribute software for any purpose. Open source promotes open community collaboration, improvements, and innovations. These types of technologies can not only save companies ton of time and money, but also makes custom programs more scaleable and secure for several reasons.

There's really no reason to reinvent the wheel (unless your idea is better!), which is why since 2011 our team has continued to support open source technologies. Passing all of the cost savings to our clients while developing high performing web platforms and scalable technological solutions.

We like the open source community because they are often very supportive of students and education system, which the MARS team is very in favor of promoting this cause. For this reason, this why we believe that open source technologies are best fit to address the immediate needs of businesses today, as well as, the future demands of tomorrow through the process of constant evolution of these softwares to adapt to the environment around them.

Since 2011, we've worked on, contributed to, and collaborated with many open source technologies. We've seen these softwares change and have also helped make some of those changes possible! The following are just a couple of the most popular technologies requested in .

Anaconda Programmers
Apache Programmers
Django Programmers
HTML 5 and CSS3 Programmers
JavaScript Programmers
jQuery Programmers
Pandas Python Programmers
PHP Programmers
PostgreSQL Programmers
Python Programmers
Magento Programmers
Nginx Programmers
mySQL Programmers
Seaborn Python Programmers
sqlite Programmers
WordPress Programmers

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Community Engagement

It's because of the support of communities that have helped us grow over the years. To make a difference, support, and contribute to make our tech communities a better place, we support the efforts of the following organizations:

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Code.org Logo


Computer Science education is foundational for the ever-growing technical world that we live in, however, CS is not currently taught in the majority of our schools. Code.org® is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups. Code.org's vision is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science as part of their core K-12 education.

Operation Code Logo


Operation Code is leading the way to expand opportunities for military veterans and their families. Their aim to help veterans learn new skills and build their careers in the fast-growing technology sector. Their team’s mission - led by veterans and other dedicated, passionate volunteers - is to help open doors for a diverse member base through unique program offerings, such as our Software Mentor Program, conference scholarships, and employment services.

Midnight Mission Logo


Founded in 1914, The Midnight Mission offers paths to self-sufficiency to men, women and children who have lost direction. The Midnight Missions' emergency services and 12-step recovery, family living, job training, education and workforce development programs offer a compassionate bridge to achieve and maintain healthy, productive lives. They remove obstacles and provide the accountability and structure that people who are experiencing homelessness need to be productive in their communities.


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Los Angeles, California, United States

BuzzyGroups (formally BuzzyStream) is a social platform that connects people via user created groups. The whole goal of BuzzyGroups is to create a safe place for people to bee, while focusing on the things that unite people.

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