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Website Upgrades

Already have a website, but need to add some website upgrades? Market Action Research can help add new features to your existing website. We can work with a wide range of web platforms.

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Upgrade Your Website

How to Upgrade Your Existing Website

Length: 3 Minutes

So it's , and your trying to figure out if you can build a new website for your business. Depending on your needs, you may not need to start over on a new website just yet. Making updates to your current website could be a more cost-effective solution to add new features to your site by modifying your existing website code.

There's a lot of features that can be added to your website from adding new web pages, redesigning a web page layout, adding a new web form, adding a chat bot, adding a new product feature, and so much more. Market Action Research has experience with a wide range of web technologies and can even help if your website uses content management systems like Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many others.

Updating your website can benefit your business in many ways. When you upgrade your website you can keep your customers coming back by providing new features and ways to interact with your products, services, and brand. Customers love to see new features and upgrades on your website. New features can keep your customers engaged, generates buzz and can create more interest in your business and offerings.

There's many different types of website upgrades, with some easier to do and others being more complex. The Market Action Research team can help no matter how simple or complicated the website update you need may be. Since there is a wide variety of different types of updates that could only require front-end, back-end, or full stack web developers we recommend contacting us today for your free consultation.

Website Upgrades

Update your Website with the Web Programming Experts at Market Action Research

Custom Website Design

Market Action Research, Inc. ("MARS") offers a full range of web services including all stages of website planning to design, web development, deployment, and enterprise level management. The MARS team can help you in building brand new web projects from scratch, making much needed website upgrades, and can help to maintain your website site too.

Read on to learn more about some of the most commonly requested website upgrades.

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What are some examples of Website Upgrades?

Add, Fine-tune, and Refine your Website's Features

Popular Website Upgrades

There's truly an infinite number of website upgrades and custom features that can be included in your website to make it more unique and valuable. With improvements in technology and the evolution of customers online demands, there are more and new features being requested every year. Simply put, there's way too many website upgrades and features to list them all. The following list under "Commonly Requested Upgrades" share a couple ideas of website upgrades that have been requested over the years.

Keep in mind that the Market Action Research team can accomplish even the most complex website upgrades. If you are ready to get started, have a question, or don't see the website update you need on the list, contact us today for your free consultation.

Commonly Requested Upgrades

  • Add or Update Web Pages
  • Update Website Theme or Styling
  • Add Custom Web Forms
  • Add Ecommerce Website Features
  • Modify Custom Coding
  • Additional SEO Optimizations
  • Making a Website Mobile Responsive
  • Improving Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Databases Updates & Migrations
  • Content Management System (CMS) Customizations
  • Custom Website Integrations

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