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Is your business ready to face the future? Market Action Research can help future proof your businesss through professional assessment and optimizations of your technical systems.

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Future Proof Your Business

Optimizing Your Business Technologies for Today and Tomorrow

Length: 7 Minutes

"In the 21st Century, every company is a tech company. Whether they know it yet, or not."

Every century or time period has defining moments, events, characteristics, and things that mark the time period unique. Each of these periods in time are defined, and often classified after the fact by historians, as an age that represents the collection of events that share a similar theme. Typically it has been through new inventions that have brought about new ages or generations, like from the Bronze to Iron Age, the Industrial to Machine Age, Atomic to Space Age, from Space to the present Age of Information, etc. As of , we are currently living in a union of ages, including atomic, space, information, multimedia, social, and big data. Looking at the big picture, we are living with technology as the axiom of our modern existence.

The onset of the Information Age came with the development of transistor technology, which has since revolutionized multimedia, induced social evolution, and introduced society to the modern benefits of big data. Notably, or one of the most unnoticeable differences rather, happened between previous periods and the current. Specifically it is that the newer and modern ages deal with "products" that are mostly intangible, invisible, and sometimes literally moving at the speed of light. This is a big contrast to the first automobiles that rolled off the assembly line at Ford Motors in Detroit late in the Industrial Revolution, mostly because before these changes were easier to visually perceive. The modern age involves making things that would otherwise be impossible to perceive without technology possible and visually perceptible. It also involves the integration of new technologies into existing industries, like adding touch screens into the dashboards of cars or voice activated capabilities and connecting those technologies to the internet and other technologies.

In modern times, businesses must use technology effectively in order to have success in business and remain competitive. Big business is currently leading the charge when it comes to unlocking the benefits of big data, technical analysis, predictive analytics, forecasting, and other data and technology derived advantages. All of this can only be possible through fully integrating and optimizing technological systems to work in favor of a business and ultimately leads to the successful obtainment of organizational objectives.

Technology optimization involves a broad review of all current technological systems with the goal of determining if these systems currently meet business's needs and the likihood of these systems to continue to meet those needs in the future too. Having a clearer picture of the impact, value, deployment, and lifespan of these technologies can help business plan better, budget more effectively, and make changes to technological systems wherever it will be more beneficial and cost effective.

Staying competitive in the year means much more than just having a system in place, but rather the greatest advantages are realized by having the right systems in place. Market Action Research can provide comprehensive technology optimization services to enable proper planning, operational readiness, effective and efficient technology deployments, and ongoing tracking and measurement of important business metrics. As a result of technology optimizations, our clients are better enabled to leverage technological solutions to fit their business needs.

Since 2011, our team has worked with and developed virtually every type of technology platform and service. Utilizing data-driven approaches in combination with first hand accounts and experience will help your business avoid costly mistakes, saving you time and money, while implementing the most effective technologies the first time. We also help our clients discover and understand how effective their current technological capabilities serve their needs. If we find that their current technologies are not meeting their needs well, we show our clients how others technologies can help cut costs, increase profitability, increase leverage, and bring other benefits.

Our approach is evidence-based and uses proven analytic methodologies to more accurately determine the value any technological system brings to a business. Through the professionally expertise and analysis techniques by the Market Action Research team, your business will thrive with the right mixture of technology and information. Our team can be in part or fully involved in your of your technology optimization services to deliver the most effective and efficient solutions. Through this process, your business will have complete clarity of how technology impacts your goals and which technologies will yield the greatest results. Contact us today to learn more these services and schedule your free consultation.

Technology Optimization Services

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Market Action Research, Inc. ("MARS") offers professional consulting services to provide technical expertise, including research, IT Road Maps, increasing your team size, and optimization. The MARS team can help you dive deeper into your data with technical analysis, provide additional hands-on help with team augmentation, and technical optimization services too.

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What Can Technology Optimization Do For My Business?

Making A Calculated Approach Your Business Advantage

Technology Optimization Basics

One of the most common challenges that businesses face with their technological systems is applying the right technology for the right problem and at the right time. For example, if we are solving a problem of physics, it is important to ask the right question, use the right equation, have proper measurements, calculate correctly, and come to the right conclusion. This leaves room for several types of common mistakes that are commonly made. Such as not knowing the key equations, sort of like needing a hammer, but have only knowing about screwdrivers and chainsaws. It is also possible to choose the wrong equations too, which is like having a hammer in your toolbox but using a chainsaw to pound in a nail. It is also possible for human error to cause an equation to not be performed correctly, which is like having a hammer, but using the handle to pound in the nail.

As with the early example of physics, the opportunity to misapply technologies comes up in everyy business too. Our technology optimization services will help your business have a clear understanding of your current technological inventory, how those technologies can be best applied, and how the use of new technologies can solve your business problems more effectively and efficiently. Our team has years of experience seeing what does and doesn't work, and applies that knowledge with evidence-based approaches to yield the most accurate results.

Hiring the Market Action Research team for your technology optimization will provide the technical guidance to optimize your business process. If you're ready to start a technology optimization project, have a question, or need help determining the best solutions for your business, then contact us now or schedule your free consultation.

Common Types of Tech Optimization

  • Impact & Capacity Analysis
  • Technology Matchmaking
  • Value Realization
  • Mass Deployment Readiness
  • Dashboard Creation & Management
  • Productivity & Efficiency Analysis
  • Leverage Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • New Technology Implementation
  • Updating Existing Technological Systems

Benefits of Tech Optimization for Businesses

  • Enterprise Level Clarity of Technological Goals & Impacts
  • Effective and Efficient Technologies
  • Operational Readiness
  • Technological Value Assessment
  • Effective Deployments
  • Key Performance Analysis
  • Eliminate Wasteful Processes
  • Reduces Tech Blindspots

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