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Need better market intelligence? Market Action Research can help you professionally gather, analyze, and interpet market intelligence to make more informed business decisions.

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Professional Market Intelligence & Analysis

Increase Strategic and Tactical Precision - Improve Business Results

Length: 7 Minutes

Technological systems and the internet have forever changed the business landscape in many ways. One of the more notable changes has come in the form of data. Previously, it was thought that in order to make the best business decisions you needed to always have access to exquisite and classified databases to get the most accurate result, but this is simply not true anymore. As of , people and businesses have access to mountains of unclassified and free data than they know what to do with it. This is why market intelligence analysis plays such vital role in helping businesses solve their most difficult problems. Simply put, professional market intelligence and analysis helps business cut through the clutter with sound analysis to the find answers that help business make the most intelligent decisions.

Generally speaking, market intelligence drives policy, strategic development, planning, and operations. This is accomplished through data collection, as well as, analysis from descriptive, explanative, and predictive standpoints. This can be further broken down into two main concepts of analysis, which are divergence and convergence. This can be even further detailed into five general steps:

  1. Problem Restatement
  2. Data Research
  3. Hypothesis Testing & Evaluation
  4. Hypothesis Selection
  5. Reevaluation & Revalidation Milestones

Each of these steps are designed to gain perspective, than decide on a solution based on evidence. When done professionally, businesses are able to identify the who, what, how, when, and accurately interpret current events. This leads to answer the questions of "why", while establishing their casual relationships. Of course, there are many different techniques for many different types of applications that can be used with these five basic steps. Market Action Research helps with selection of the right analytical methodologies that best fit the problems your business wishes to solve.

The act of surveying information has been around for thousands of years. It's true origins are actually unknown, because it goes very far back in time, but historians have certainly made their best guesses. Over time, surveying and research techniques solidified into scientific processes. Many recognize the formal process of market research having been started in the 1920s or 1930s. Since then, numerous techniques have evolved and methodologies have been employed by world governments and businesses alike. The reasons were clear. Basically, organizations could use these methods to create a more informed decision-making processes that was based on science and evidence. This proved beneficial for many businesses since then, because these techniques often lead to more accurate results, better marketing campaigns, higher sales, less downtime, more effectiveness, less inefficiencies, greater profit margins and other business benefits.

In 2011, Market Action Research opened its doors for business with the development of an open source market research and survey software called LimeSurvey. The goal was to help make a more affordable survey software for small to medium sized businesses, which at the time was mostly reserved for the Fortune 500 sized companies. We realized that not every business would have the budget to afford the solutions that were available at the time, and we wanted to help small and medium sized businesses make better decisions too. This eventually evolved into broader offerings in market intelligence and research solutions, which is where we are at today in .

With years of experience in helping businesses make the most informed business decisions, the Market Action Research team can help you establish best practices, policies, and procedures for gathering business intelligence and current intelligence, as well as, using estimative intelligence techniques to better predict future actions and events. Our team can manage and execute parts or all of your market intelligence operations professionally and with greater speed and accuracy. We can also help you in finding the best market intelligence solutions to fit your business needs. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free consultation.

Market Intelligence Services

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Market Action Research, Inc. ("MARS") offers services to professionally manage your marketing projects, including research, tracking, reporting, campaign creation, project management, automation, and optimization. The MARS team can help you start and manage your business marketing projects, gather advanced market intelligence, and can also professionally optimize your business marketing too.

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What Can Market Intelligence Do For My Business?

Making Market Intelligence Your Business Advantage

Market Intelligence Basics

"We prefer to believe what we prefer to be true"
Sir Francis Bacon

Businesses derive more use from market intelligence when it is done externally, and has many similar benefits of why you would want to hire an external market research firm. For example, it helps avoid biases, patterning, and validity errors that can lead to false assumptions that can blind businesses to the truth, thus making less informed decisions. Hiring our team can help your business avoid intelligence failures through skillful examination of evidence both for and against a business problem, as well as, consideration of obvious and less obvious alternative solutions. We help businesses avoid the downfalls that come with an incomplete analysis, which is one of the most common reasons why businesses fail to consider alternatives and make better business decisions.

Hiring the Market Action Research team for you market intelligence will help you find the best answer, and not just an adequate or convenient answer. We accomplish this through various technologies, methodologies, and fact-based techniques to produce intelligence products that include deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning to determine the best possible outcomes and solutions. If you're ready to get start a marketing intelligence campaign, have a question, or need help determining the best solutions for your business, then contact us or schedule your free consultation.

Pitfalls of In-house Analysis

  • Unknowingly Formulating Conclusions from the Beginning
  • Focusing on the Solution That is Favored
  • Answers that Satisfy and Suffice
  • Confusion of Discussion and Thinking with Analyzing
  • Focusing on Substance Not the Process
  • Unaware How to Structure Intelligence or Analysis

8 Elements that Market Intelligence Can Solve

  • Establishing a Purpose
  • Answers Business Questions / Solves Problems
  • Unpacks Business Assumptions
  • Expands Point of View
  • Gathers More Evidence
  • Creates New Ideas
  • Generates Inferences Based on Conceptual Frameworks
  • Leads to Implications and Consequences

Benefits of Market Intelligence

  • Determines Major Factors
  • Defines Business Issues
  • Recognizes Subtleties
  • Provides Many Possibilities
  • Professionally Structured Analysis
  • Actionable Business Solutions

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