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Why Hire A Website Designing Company?

Why Hire A Website Designing Company? by Market Action Research
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Why Hire A Website Designing Company?

Hiring a professional website designing company can be beneficial for your business for many reasons. Since 2011, Market Action Research has professionally designed websites for all types of companies with all kinds of purposes. Too often people will make the mistake of underestimating the amount time and work that goes into designing and building a professional website or e-commerce project. Having a professional website design company to help you build your website can help you save time, money, and effort.

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What is needed to build a website? There are several considerations to determine when building a new website. The requirements for building a website can vary based on your company’s current and future needs. These considerations will fall into two broad categories, which includes combinations of hardware and software. There is not a one size fits all solution for building websites but there are some commonalities that most websites should have. The remainder of this article will focus on the best practices that are needed to build a website for a company and are listed in the following.

Domain Name Server (DNS)

Everyone is familiar with domain names. They are the web address that is used to visit a website. Every website needs a domain name so that people can visit their website. Not all domain name services are the same! It is important to choose a domain name server that is reliable and suitable for your projects need. If you are not sure, it’s important to contact a professional website builder to determine your best options.

Web Hosting

There are many things to know about choosing a website host. In general, web hosting services for your website is where your website files live. This is where your website files are stored and where specific functionalities of your website can be programmed. Setting up a web server properly can be rather complex, and it is important to have an idea of what technologies are needed to run your website. Our team always recommends professionally managed hosting services to keep your website server current. Market Action Research offers a wide range of custom web hosting solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Website Technology Stacks

A website technology stack is a common term used among website designers to describe the technologies that are utilized on a web server. Choosing the right website technology stacks from the beginning are crucial for the long-term growth of your business. Some technologies can easily be changed, but other technologies will require a total redesign to upgrade. There are too many website technology stacks to list, but it is important to know what technology stack your website is built on. Need help figuring out what technologies your website uses? Market Action Research can help you determine what website technologies you’re using, and which technologies are the right ones for your website design project.

SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Security Socket Layer and is an essential part of keeping your website safe. An SSL is like putting a lock on your website files to make sure to keep your company information and customer details private. If you opened a traditional store, you wouldn’t leave your store without a lock to keep your inventory safe. An SSL works in a similar way, but instead it protects your digital inventory. There are various types of SSL Certificates and SSL Configurations. In short, an SSL Certificate is what helps keep your website and customer data safe. These days, search engines like Google will show your website as being insecure if you do not have an SSL on your website. Need help setting up your SSL Certificate? Our team can help you professionally select the right SSL and install your SSL Certificate on your website.


CDN is an acronym that stands for Content Delivery Network. Like SSL Certificates, and CDN is an important to keeping your website files and customer information safe. A CDN is capable of a lot of different capabilities depending on the CDN that is used on your website. A professionally configured CDN can keep your website safe, your website information secure, and increase the speed of your website for customers.

Website Design Considerations

The information that was previously listed in this article is the basic framework that almost every modern website on the internet should be using. Anything less can make your website less secure and not as fast as it could be for your customers. The following items are a few other considerations when building a new website or redesigning your website.

Are you using a CMS? A CMS is a content management system. There are many different types of CMS’s and it’s important to determine if a CMS is a good fit for your project. If you need help choosing the right CMS, our website design professionals can help you navigate all the CMS platforms and choices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) If you are planning on building a new website or redesigning your website it is important to consider best practices in search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a great way to bring free traffic to your website by following best practices. We recommend reading our other article on SEO to learn more. If you need help optimizing your website’s SEO our web experts can help you achieve the best results.

Website Maintenance The nature of the web is highly dynamic. Best practices and updates change rather frequently, which is why it is so important to continuously maintain your website. It is recommended that you keep your website up to date monthly. Building a professional website takes time and money to get the desired result. Having a professional web development company maintain your website can protect your investment and make sure everything works properly. Our web experts can assist you in maintaining and updating your website as things change. This can help your company gain a competitive edge and ensure your website will last for years to come. Market Action Research offers pay-per-task website services too and if you’re interested you can learn more at the Pay-Per-Task Web Services article.

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