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5 Basic Steps to Build the Best Business Website

5 Basic Steps to Build the Best Business Website by Market Action Research
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There are several aspects to consider when building the best business website for your company. The following list and resources are 5 basic steps you would be wise to consider if you want to build the best business website:

  1. What web processes do you need to have and which ones can you live without?
  2. Creating a game plan for your website design service options
  3. How will you manage the graphic design for your website?
  4. What do you plan to invest in your Search Engine Optimization marketing?
  5. What will you do for on-going web maintenance, web hosting and updates?

Each of these resources share a wealth of information. Each of these are important questions to ask and to know about how to build the best business website. Many of largest corporations in the world have already figured out that web development and online marketing is a full-time job and requires a very high level of expertise. This is why so many businesses hire a professional website design company to plan, execute, and manage their web presence.

5 Things that Determine the Cost of a Website

There are so many special circumstances and considerations that impact the price of a website, but there are commonly some things that can change the price of a website the most. The following list are the 5 things that determine the cost of the website:

Technologies Used: What type of web technologies and languages does your website need to operate? Typically, the more web technologies and languages that are needed the more the price will increase. This correlation is quite simple to see, because the more programming languages needed typically means more web professionals are needed. While many programmers are proficient in several programming languages and technologies, it is simply not possible for one person to know everything. Also, even if they did this would likely relate in a higher cost anyways.

Changes in Project Scope or Timeline: Frequent changes or shortening or elongating a project timeline can significantly impact the price of a project. This is because most web projects are based on a fixed project cost. Fixed cost web projects are beneficial for clients because it helps to realize the total cost of a project up front. Professionals in web design use this fixed price to calculate the total amount of hours that are needed for a project. The most experienced web designers and project managers will anticipate that some changes would be needed, but too many changes will often inflate the cost. The logic here is simple, time is money. If you are not working on a fixed based project, the concept would still remain the same, as you are likely paying per hour for your web project.

API’s and Integrations: Does your website need to connect with an API or third-party site or database? Many times, API integrations can be very complex and require stringent authentication methods and protocols to work properly. This is often times because sensitive data is being transported from one domain to another. Depending on the data, these types of integrations can be subject to local, state-level, national, and global laws and regulations. These measures are typically in place to protect businesses, consumers, and people’s security and privacy. Typically, the more API or third-party website integrations are needed will increase a web project’s cost.

Custom Web Graphics: Do you have all of the right pictures and graphics for your website in high-resolution formats? If so, you are in luck, because this will likely save you some time and money. If not, don’t worry because this is much more likely the case. Custom graphics is what can help set your company apart from the competition and is highly recommended. The topic of custom website graphics has a lot of depth and things to know related to if the graphics are animated, still, style, detail, and many other things. Suffice it to say, the more sophisticated, detailed, and total number of graphics that are needed will likely impact project costs.

Web Content: On the web, having the right words to say does not just mean having the best sales pitch. In fact, the best sales pitch may actually have zero benefit for your business if your website is not considering all the elements associated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are a lot of things to have the most effective SEO strategy, but when it is done right can generate potential sales and leads for your company. It is highly recommended to utilize online marketing professionals, like the Market Action Research team, because having the right content for your website can truly make a big difference in the flow of new customers finding your business on the web and having a competitive advantage.

It is important to note that while these 5 aspects of a website design project can impact the cost of a website, there are also several other considerations too. Some of these considerations include web hosting, size of a database and fields, complexity of a website’s functionality, automation, and many other things.

What is Professional Website Design?

Professional website design involves hiring the most experienced website designers and technology experts. Market Action Research is the most trusted and experienced web design companies in Calabasas since 2011. There are so many things to know and understand when developing a website, if you haven’t already, we’d recommend checking out the article on Market Action Research’s Website Design, Consulting, and Marketing Services. That article covers in greater depth the website design process.

Market Action Research, based in Los Angeles, California, are professional website designers, online marketers, and technology consultants. The team’s goal is to you build the best business website, launch the most effective marketing campaigns, and discover the right technologies to take your business to the next level. Since 2011, Market Action Research has completed the most complex web projects from full warehouse automation, working with banks, traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, e-commerce companies, real estate websites, and so much more.

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