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The top 3 reasons your website must be mobile-friendly

The top 3 reasons your website must be mobile-friendly by Market Action Research
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It’s already been several years since internet usage on mobile phones surpassed desktop usage in 2018, and still as of 2021 many businesses fail to have a mobile-friendly website. These days there are literally hundreds of reasons why any business should have a mobile-friendly website, but in this article we will share the top 3 reasons your website must be mobile-friendly.

Mobile Users Buy More

When a website on a mobile device loads quickly and works seamlessly on their phones, customers are much more likely to stay on your site, but they are also much more likely to buy from your business too. These days a majority of people feel comfortable browsing the internet on their phones and making purchases, which is why it is so important to have a presence that is accessible for mobile phone users. Over the years, market research data has shown that people want to easy and intuitively navigate on a website. In today’s hyper connected world, it has never been easier for a customer to just go to another site that is easy to use, which means if your website is not mobile-friendly, chances are you will be losing business and customers to your competitors that do.

 For many businesses, having a mobile responsive website is easy way to delight your customers and keep them happy. Having a mobile-friendly website is not only good to have, but required to attract customers and be competitive. In fact, 77% of smartphone shoppers in the U.S. are more likely to purchase from companies whose sites allow them to easily make purchases.

Going Mobile-Friendly is Cost Effective 

In the very early days of the web, big companies would build two websites. One was for desktops and the others for mobile phones. This used to be very expensive to maintain and time consuming. Basically, any time a website needed an update it required updated two websites. As of the year 2021 that method is long gone now, but that same idea has evolved to become what is now known as responsive website design. In a nutshell, a website that is responsive will automatically “respond” or adjust to show a website that is optimized for a desktop or mobile. This also eliminates the need for two websites. That way users have the best user experience viewing your website on a desktop or mobile phone. Websites without a responsive web design are often cited as looking outdated and make the users frustrated. More often than not, people will just go to another site that is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Besides being attractive to customers, having a professionally designed mobile-friendly website can also improve search engine results, which can make marketing your website much more cost effective. This is because search engines, like Google, can now automatically detect if your website is mobile-friendly and optimized or not. Websites that are not mobile-friendly can be automatically labeled by search engines as not being mobile-friendly, pushed much further down in search results, or may not even show up at all in mobile search results.

Better User Experience

People have more choices than ever before when it comes to choosing which company to do business with on the web. A positive mobile-friendly experience can generally be defined as going to a site that is intuitive to use and doesn’t require users having to pinch and zoom to find or read something on your website. Additionally, more than 60% of users are unlikely to return to your website if they found it difficult the first time to access or find what they need. Having a mobile-friendly website experience helps to avoid the unnecessary loss of business or customers. Google’s research also shows that web speed is very important too, and should load in under 2 seconds, otherwise people are more prone to leave immediately. Having a website that is optimized for mobile-friendliness and responsively designed can help your business achieve that goal. Having a desktop site loading on a mobile device these days simply cannot work anymore.

 If your website isn’t fully mobile-friendly or need to build a responsive website, our team of web experts can help! Contact Market Action Research today for your free consultation.

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