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Importance of Design to Brand Experience

Importance of Design to Brand Experience by Market Action Research
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In a think-tank discussion at The Hub Magazine, Jay Gillespie VP Brand Marketing at Fiskars (Global Metal and Consumer Brands company) expressed that their design principles have shaped their entire brand experience across all touch points. In observance of the meeting, James Kim Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer at Market Action Research, Inc. commented on the role of design for small and big business has significantly expanded to encompass an even greater magnitude than ever before. “It’s never been so important to know how consumers perceive your brand and how brand experience is shaped.” The general consensus of the meeting drew close attention to the subject of enabling their brands to make stronger and deeper emotional connections with consumers. Scott Moffitt, EVP Sales and Marketing at Nintendo America, emphasized the significance of what was left out. “It’s making those hard choices of what’s essential to the experience… and having the discipline to eliminate those things that aren’t essential.” He mentioned Google as a prime example: “Simplicity is sophistication sometimes.”
The discussion elaborated on the importance of brands communicating implicitly. Sheryl Adkins-Green, CMO at beauty brand Mary Kay, said that customers these days expect “a flawless experience” and how vital design is to achieving a totally consistent look and feel. Adkins-Green did admit that achieving this goal remains difficult in her industry where customers expect total customization, which is their most difficult challenge as a business. Others pointed to the issues they come across in attempting to make design centered around their individual user’s needs, and others in balancing a brand’s core values while continuously improving with new developments to remain relevant to consumers. Need help improving your brand experience? Contact the Martians!

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