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Coding, like any spoken language, takes time and practice to master fluency. Similar to the thousands of varieties in spoken language, programming language has hundreds of dialects in use today. Coding can be overwhelming and somewhat frustrating, so learning the language can be discouraging for most people. Since this is the case, programmers all over the world have developed games to help those young and old learn coding basics. One way to learn coding is through a game where you establish goals for yourself. When you reach your goal, you are more likely to intake and retain the information you have acquired. Also, you will be more willing to continue forward due to your success. Currently, there are a variety of games available to choose from.

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CodeCombat is a multiplayer game for aspiring heroes who are into adventures. The game offers different programming languages including JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Lua, and Python for players of all ages. They work with students and teachers, with a mission to “make programming accessible to every student on Earth”. For Sci-Fi enthusiasts, Code Hunt, developed by Microsoft Research, is the educational coding game for you. In order to modify the lines of code, you must go through a series of puzzles to capture the missing code fragments. Code Hunt challenges the player with playing in either Java or C#! There’s nothing to download, as the game is completely web based. So have fun and hack away! CodinGame has the most supported programming languages that includes PHP, C, and JavaScript. This game appeals to almost everyone with options to play in single player or multiplayer mode designed to make you a wizard of the tech age. Although the games have been upgraded over time, as of June 2016 they currently list puzzles, AI, Clash of Code, Contests, and Leaderboards. There is an account registration required to sign-up, but for now it’s free to register. Screeps is the world’s first massively multiplayer online game open to programmers with little to no experience. The players, called creeps, are controlled through your JavaScript code. These scripts allow players to mine, build, defend, and conquer other creeps. The first rule of FightCode is to code the best robot in order to battle your robot opponents. With over 34,000 players, there is enough game play to keep one consistently motivated. FightCode provides players with documents that teach you how to code your robot for gameplay. FightCode, like CodeCombat, CodinGame, and Screeps, uses JavaScipt to build and fight your robot. These games were designed by programmers to engage beginners and sharpen skills in the worlds of coding. As daunting as it may first seem, the games can be a rewarding experience to challenge players of all ages.

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