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Do I Need a Website?

Do I Need a Website? by Market Action Research
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In this day and age, your business can’t succeed without a proper website, but for the technology-challenged person out there, it can be a tricky process. Luckily we’re here to share MARS knowledge and guide you through a few simple steps to get you on your way to a masterfully crafted website!

Whether you need a website for your business is no longer a question: you most certainly need a website. The question now is what type of website do you need? This answer will differ depending on what you want to achieve when your customers and the general public visit your site. Figuring out what you want to achieve… well, that’s the slightly tricky part!

One of the easiest ways to identify exactly what you want in your website (or in life for that matter) is to ask yourself the right questions. We’ve created a list of a few simple questions to help you ask the right questions to initiate your next project.

First start by identifying what type of website you want to make: Is it a blog? E-commerce shop? Or Basic site? Once you’ve identified the type of site, contact our team for a comprehensive list of questions to help narrow down what you need to launch a successful site.

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