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Typography Shapes Your Brand Personality

Typography Shapes Your Brand Personality by Market Action Research
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In the 1940s, Gordon Lippincott founder of Lippincott coined the term “corporate identity”, which circumscribed all ways a company represented itself. Lippincott proposed that all things about an company’s identity from it’s logos, colors, uniforms and more be carefully and thoughtfully crafted with the special attention that was generally reserved for product innovations. This shift in to a business taking on an identity, has since formed the basis for which businesses establish their relations and build their connections. Lippincott is well known for their designs of the legendary Campbell’s soup can, the sweeping swirl for Coca-Cola, and iconic brand identities for Walgreens, Betty Crocker, Chrysler, Amtrak, and more.

Lippincott’s Rodney Abbot shares about the ever growing and changing trends in typography. Competitive brands must continue to connect more and more with their customer’s in a more “hands-on and human” way. More companies are starting to fade away from tranditional computer generated fonts, to create their own typefaces to give it their own distinct personality and set their brands a part. Read more on “How Typography Can Give Your Brand Personality” – CreativeBloq

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