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Pay-Per-Task Web Services by Market Action Research is geared to help fix common web tasks and help with one-off marketing tasks, without having to pay high end fees to hire a full-time in-house web team or marketing team. Through this web special, you will have access to professional web design services with lighting fast turn-around time. For many of our clients, the Pay-Per-Task model makes it easy to get the website changes and updates you need, for a fraction of the price with the same speed if not faster than in-house web development. We work with all kinds of web platforms, which includes, but is not limited to WordPress CMS, Magento (V1 & V2), OpenCart, and more. Finding the right professional website builder doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We make initiating a Pay-Per-Task Web Services fast, easy, and securely. If you’ve ever purchased a product online, than it will feel like a breeze to get started.
How to Get Started with Pay-Per-Task Follow the steps below to start a Pay-Per-Task today. 1. Under our Services, go to Pay-Per-Task 2. Select a Task & Quantity 3. Add to Cart Suggestions for First-Timers If it’s your first time requesting a Pay-Per-Task service we will need to establish your account in our system. Please allow 1-2 business days for the inital set-up process to process and complete. If you opt-in to create a profile at at checkout, you will be able to keep track of all your web tasks and payments securely, as well as make purchasing Pay-Per-Tasks in the future faster and more convenient. All of our site’s purchases are safe and are encrypted for your security. Of course, if you wish to shop anonymously as a guest you are welcome to do that too. It will however require us to do an account set-up each time a task is processed if an account is not created. For all website changes or marketing services we highly recommend using a preferred e-mail and phone number to receive messages and updates during check-out process the first time. We may need to contact you via e-mail to clarify tasks, or once the task is complete to notify you that the project is ready for your review. Once your account is established on, we will connect you with a team member to get started on your Pay-Per-Task request. Other Web Task Requests While the most requested web tasks are listed on our Pay-Per-Task page, there are some web tasks that require some extra set-up to complete. If you don’t see or are not sure which Pay-Per-Task you should pick for your website, our web team is happy to help you select the right one.

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