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There’s many reasons why you might be considering having an online chat bots for your business. Most people spend less than a minute on a website if they cannot quickly find what they are in search of finding or purchasing. Online Chat Bots Having an automated chat bot on your website can help your visitors find exactly what they are looking for quickly, effectively, and can serve theoretically an unlimited number of visitors simultaneously, which we will go into further in this article. When your business has an online chat bot you can make the most of your website and marketing services. What is an Online Chat Bot If you’ve never heard of an online chat bot before, it’s essentially a computer program that typically uses some type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to have automated conversations with your website visitors. In many ways we see it as an evolution of the automated phone conversations for the web, since there’s typically starter questions, small talk, and more complex needs served through a series of questions and answers. Online chat bots can very quickly speed up the process to answer your customers questions, and in some cases near instantly. The Market Action Research team has developed an online chat bot which, is actually used to answer basic customer questions and helps them find the right information on our website regarding our various technology services. We have named our online chat bot, we call him Bbot, which is Market Action Research’s helpful A.I. Assistant. Bbot is always learning, and does it’s best job to understand what website visitors are saying.
This automated online chat bot is built on Google’s Cloud Platform, and can be scaled to handle hundreds of millions of users and an unlimited number of customer questions and requests for your business. It’s important to note, that while serving an unlimited number of your sites visitors requests and questions, are possible, there are some technical limitations such as the server’s capacity and it’s ability to serve those connections. Depending at what level of requests your company receives, there are many ways to right size this to fit your business. With Google’s Cloud Platform, this online chat bot can connect with customers not only on your website, but can also be added to mobile apps, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and many other popular platforms and devices. Benefits of Online Chat Bots for Businesses There are many benefits of online chat bots for your business. First, it takes understanding why customers either likely to stay on your website or why they do not. According to report by Yoast, the top three reasons people are most likely to leave your web pages for the following reasons: The visitor found nothing inviting engagement with your brand, products, or services. They could not find the information, products, or services they were looking for quickly. Lastly, the visitors have found what they were in search of finding. Having an online chat bot can help serve as an inviting way to engage customers about your brand, product, or services by providing immediate answers. Since most people will leave a site if they cannot find what they are looking for under a minute, it’s important to have the information your customers want available with easy access. Having an automated chat bot helps your customers get answers quickly and help them find what they want. Online Chat Bot Examples There are many ways to utilize an online chat bot for your business. While we’ve mostly focused on ways an online chat bot can be built to serve your business’s customers there are also personal as well as internal business reasons why you would want an online chat bot. While some online chat bots are meant for conversations, there are other bots can also be used to perform various personal or job related tasks as well. Process automation of repetitive tasks can help serve more customers simultaneously and provide the most accurate and up-to-date information based on real metrics.

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