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Gaming, VR, Big Data, and Self-Driving Cars

Gaming, VR, Big Data, and Self-Driving Cars by Market Action Research
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CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 marked 6 years of attendance for Market Action Research’s team at one of the largest trade shows in the world. Every year we are amazed by how quickly companies develop new technology products, services, and updates. In our opinion, there were several revolutionary technologies that will soon receive more of the limelight in this coming year and years to come. Imagination inspires new innovations and ideas and is what fuels our curiosity to see what comes next. This year NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, announced several breakthrough technologies spanning the multiple applications of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in many industries including manufacturing, robotics, entertainment, autonomous vehicles, logistics, and more. NVIDIA is a company that focuses on visual computing and AI learning, which is built on the many GPU’s the company has built and pioneered. Huang talked about how their core focus at NVIDIA fits into four main categories, which are gaming, VR (Virtual Reality)/AR (Augmented Reality)/MR (Mixed Reality), data centers, and self-driving cars. One of the key success factors Jen-Hsun announced was their graphical ability to harness the power of machine learning using Deep Neural Networks. This new technique of machine learning, called deep learning met with NVIDIA’s GPU, which has in turn led to what Huang described as the “Big Bang of AI”. This new technique allows software to write software, computers to learn from experience and data, and enabling computers to recognize more complex patterns than ever before. In simple terms, NVIDIA’s deep learning Neural Network might start comparing an object using the smallest details and recognition of patterns. Like a puzzle, the computer pieces together each of the patterns to create bigger pieces of the pattern. These patterns are eventually stitched together to create full recognition of the pattern, such as in the case of the image of the picture captioned face recognition system in the example of “Sara”.

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Some of these new and amazing achievements in the AI Network that NVIDIA was able to accomplish in the past year included, but was not limited to: playing Go, playing Doom, learning a painter’s style, synthesizing voices, write captions about images, learn motor skills, learn to walk, and self-driving cars. The speed at which these technologies are progressing and improving are moving incredibly fast. Before the top AI researchers in the world and NVIDIA’s team met, it was previously impossible to achieve without the combination of their Deep Learning Neural Networks and NVIDIA’s GPU. The MARS team is excited to see what new and enabling technologies are developed next, but we believe that we are the cusp of some major innovations in several industries across the world thanks to the help of advanced AI. Over the coming years, Market Action Research looks to incorporate more types of machine learning and AI in marketing, web processes, and web services. We aim to bring our clients the most cutting edge technologies available today, many of these technologies were only previously available to major corporations, but will constantly strive to make these technologies more affordable for SMBs. Keep checking in with us for more announcements in the near future regarding Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, and automation. More Consumer Electronics Show 2017 Highlights There were so many amazing technologies this year that there’s just too much to name them all. We stitched together some video trips from our CES experience, to put some highlights using the free GoPro Studios Editor.

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