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When hiring, it goes without saying that looking at the candidates’ qualifications is a necessity. But what many have figured out, us included, is that who the candidate is and their fit within the organization is just as important – if not more important than – as the skills they bring to the table. This statement holds especially true for small to mid-market companies. How an employee interacts with their colleagues can speak volumes because a team’s interaction is vital to the success of a company. We have all seen and heard stories of how individuals brought into the company have caused others to leave. It is not worth hiring someone with great skill but who cannot connect to those around them. We find that an integral part of the interviewing process is to have the candidate meet with multiple team members to assess their fit within the organization. Below, we have described three traits that our team members assess when speaking to a prospect. Individual’s Attitude: This statement is two-fold. First, notice how the individual carries himself or herself. Do they have the ability to focus and stay focused; do they have a positive attitude toward their work; and are they excited to be in the position they will be assuming? Second, observe how the individual’s attitude changes when it comes to taking on new tasks. In a small to mid-market company, often times one may have to wear multiple hats and be willing to step outside their element. An individual’s attitude and the way they approach a novel situation carries much weight in a smaller office setting. Chemistry with the Team: A working office, regardless of the size, must not only collaborate together, but also get along. We strongly believe that the better the relationships are in the office, the better the work will be. Having that synergistic chemistry allows the team to have effective communication, which in turn allows for growth and prosperity. Employees should feel comfortable asking questions and asking for help. Good chemistry allows for comfort, and comfort is what keeps an office churning on the right path. Growth Ability and Possible Longevity at the Company: Is this person a good fit for the company temporarily or is their experience and presence going to help the company in the long haul? Don’t look for a quick fix. We found that candidates who are in it for the long haul are much more willing to immerse themselves in their work, really dive into their projects, and truly give their best on every task that is assigned to them. Employees love having the potential to grow within a company, which is beneficial to not just them. This is of great importance to the company as well because when long-term employees have vested interest in the company, it gives the company experienced veteran leaders who are familiar with the operations and internal procedures of the company. Employee retention helps the morale of the office and allows for consistency within the organization.
“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” -Vince Lombardi

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