Ecommerce Website Builders Best Practices

Ecommerce Website Builders Best Practices

Attract more customers and site sales by following ecommerce website builders best practices. These days there are many different ways you can build your own ecommerce website for start-ups, as well as building professional ecommerce websites to support the hundreds or millions of customers your site serves. Determining where you are as a business today and your company’s objectives are a key starting point when selecting the best options for building your ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Website Builders Best Practices

Impacts of Ecommerce on Business

The internet is always awake and open to customers and potential clients from all over the world 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and is open on holidays too. Being so available means a great amount of opportunity for any business. In a market research report by comScore (2017), over 223 Million people accessed retail sites on mobile devices and desktop. In the article “Why Hire a Website Marketing Company” more stats are given on how big the internet is actually, and a key takeaway is that in the United States over 95% of the entire population has access to the internet.

In the same report, people are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. The total amount of time people are spending is adding up to over 72 Billion minutes spent on retail sites, which calculates on average to over 64% for all time spent on mobile devices. This means more people are spending more time on their phones shopping online than for any other purpose. Every year more people are becoming familiar with making purchases online, and that number is steadily growing every quarter for the past several years.

Steps Before Selecting Ecommerce Website Builders

We recommend reading the “Website Design, Consulting, and Marketing Services” to learn more about the steps to website development and design before making any quick decisions on launching your next ecommerce website project. In the article we break down all the best practices for effectively implementing your next web project, which includes: market research, analysis, planning, execution, and review. Choosing the best ecommerce website builders will take clearly understanding your actual business objectives. Focusing on improving your customer and potential customers overall web experience can many times lead to better ways to achieve the most web success.

Taking the due diligence ahead of building your ecommerce website will help you figure out what exactly you desire to have on your website. Refining your focus from the beginning will help you save time and reduce making costly mistakes. The field of ecommerce web design, like any other professional industry, is best handled by professionals. Hiring professional ecommerce website builders can help you navigate the hundreds if not thousands of things you will need to know when building your site, such as: purchasing a domain, setting up DNS (Domain Name Servers), Web Hosting, e-mail configurations, SSLs (Secure Socket Layer) certificates, CDN (Content Delivery Networks), APIs (Application Programming Interface), SDKs (Software Development Kits), and more, plus all the various options under each category.

Build Your Own Ecommerce Website

There are many great platforms for start-ups to help build your own ecommerce website. For some companies that are strapped for start-up funding, this could be the best route to get started. There’s lots of drag-and-drop editors out there that help you put your products and services out there fast and affordably. If your in the starting phases of your business, and the preceding defines where you are truly at as a business, we’d recommend looking into: GoDaddy, Wix, or Shopify. They offer options that are pretty straight forward to set-up, and take very little technical know-how.

Professional Ecommerce Website Builders

If you don’t have time or need more custom features on your site, you will need to hire professional ecommerce website builders. Having a professional ecommerce website builder can help you customize all the features on your site to better accomplish your business objectives and achieve the results you desire.

WordPress Ecommerce Website Builders

Depending on the level of customization needed, there are hundreds of open-source projects to base your web project. In short, Open-source technology is software that is open to anyone on the web to completely customize and adapt for business purposes. For instance, you may have heard of WordPress, which offers two main open-source softwares, with hundreds of thousands of other sub-softwares and extensions. WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is one of the most widely used CMS platform in the United States, in fact even is built on this web platform, along with many other custom websites.

There is virtually an infinite number of ways to customize this platform to fit to accomplish your business objectives. The other common WordPress software is for bloggers, which is basically a stripped down version of the WordPress CMS that is optimized mostly for personal online bloggers. Both platforms are very effective and trusted by a wide spectrum of corporations around the globe.

Magento Ecommerce Website Builders

Another very popular platform that offers both open-source and licensed enterprise level of ecommerce is Magento. The platform is based on PHP programming, and was originally developed by a team of volunteers, which later was acquired by eBay, and eventually by Permira (a private equity firm). Magneto definitely requires coders who have professional website building experience to be most effective. Popular brands like Coca-Cola, Ford Motors, Christian Louboutin, Nike and many more use the Magento platform for their ecommerce website. Like other open-source platforms, there is truly an infinite number of ways to personalize the platform for your business and branding style.

Many enterprise level corporations gravitate to Magento Ecommerce platform because of it’s robust e-commerce features, that are practically universal for all e-commerce businesses. On their open-source version of the platform, their developers were kind enough to leave the door wide-open when it comes to changing up the code, core framework, and by making all the back-end code available to all website builders and developers. Magento is not just for big corporations, but can be used for small business too.

Choosing the Right Ecommerce Website Builders

Choosing the right ecommerce website builders can make the difference between being a web success or not. Market Action Research team is experienced working on both WordPress CMS and Magento for ecommerce web projects. The team has worked on developing simple e-commerce websites as well as complex fully integrated enterprise level ecommerce, and can help you make the best choices for your next ecommerce website.

Building a ecommerce website is not like the movie “Field of Dreams”, that “If you build it, they will come”. It also takes marketing your website effectively and following the best practices for making your ecommerce website visible online. In the article “Search Engine Optimization Marketing” we cover one of the most commonly overlooked aspect of building any website. We recommend that you consider including Search Engine Optimization as a key part of your website development, since an important aspect involves how the website is coded. Instead of having the site coded, and then needed to be redone after it’s built, it’s smarter to include this from the very beginning. While the overall price of development may increase up-front, it will be a lot more worth-while in the long run and save on long-term costs.

Local Ecommerce Website Builders

Market Action Research team builds and maintains ecommerce websites for companies with customers all over the globe. Our team offers ecommerce services on all scales and for a wide variety of industries too. If you’re in the start-up phase, in the middle of a project, or need updates to your existing ecommerce website the MARS team is here to help. Even if you’re not really sure what needs to be done, or which service you need, it’s okay! Our team can help you pinpoint what needs to be done with a site analysis. If the situation is a bit more complex, we can help create a technical road map to help you choose the best ecommerce solutions. We are proud to serve the best ecommerce services and consulting to the following cities:

Ecommerce Web Site Builders in Your City

If your city under Local Ecommerce Website Builders is not there, there’s still a good chance we can offer ecommerce website services for your business. Market Action Research serves corporations across the web, including: Ecommerce in Los Angeles County, Online Ecommerce in Ventura County, and several other cities across the United States. Each business has different traits that make their brands unique, but there’s always some things about ecommerce web sites that is truly universal. If it’s not something that our team handles, there’s a really good chance we know the people that can help you achieve ecommerce success in other areas. We hope you choose Market Action Research for your next ecommerce web site project.

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Ecommerce Website Builders Best Practices
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Ecommerce Website Builders Best Practices
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