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Why Hire a Web Site Marketing Company

If you’re looking to expand the potential reach to new customer groups and market segments, you might be searching for a web site marketing company. Increasing the number of site visitors will increase the odds of a visitor converting to a client. Most web pages that land in the number one spot on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, etc. on average receive considerably more web traffic then their number two, three, four and more counterparts.

Web Site Marketing

There’s plenty of ways to achieve success with web site marketing. In the article Search Engine Optimization Marketing we go in depth sharing the secrets of what makes a successful SEO campaign for any business, why it’s important, and how search engines are judging your site based on several key areas. If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization for business, we recommend watching the video or reading the article to learn more.

How Big is the Internet?

Internet world stats reports there are 4.1 Billion internet users worldwide, which accounts for over 54% of the world’s total population, and has grown by hundreds of Million users every single year. Some of the biggest markets for internet usage include the following ordered rank of people in the geographic regions of: Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, North America, and Middle East, & Oceania including Australia. While North America has the 5th largest base of internet users it’s currently ranked 1st in total internet penetration with 95% of the entire population with access to the internet.

Common Web Marketing Mistakes

Some of the common web marketing mistakes that most companies can make are focusing too heavily in one area, while neglecting the other methods for reaching your existing and potential clients. With the ever growing reach of websites, web services, platforms, and search engines there’s many ways to position your company, brand, product, and services in front of your customers. The following list in no particular order are just some of the ways to market online:

  • Developing a Professional Website
  • Creating an Online Shopping Platform
  • Search Engine Optimization Marketing
  • Paid Online Advertising (AdWords, etc.)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Online Shopping E-Commerce Stores (Amazon, etc.)
  • E-mail Marketing Campaigns (Mailchimp, etc.)
  • Web Video Sites (YouTube, etc.)
  • Starting a Blog (WordPress, etc.)

The list of possibilities goes on and on for ways you can market your company online. Depending on what your overall objective is as a business, can certainly shape the directions and avenues you wish to pursue first. In the article “Website Design, Consulting, and Marketing Services” we dive into setting effective business objectives for your products and services online.

A common mistake a business can make when choosing which online marketing tactic to pursue first is trying to go down all avenues at the same time. Unless your business has the bandwidth and capacity to accomplish this on a consistent basis, we do not recommend trying this approach first. Rather, take the time to research each of the methods above and find the best fit for your business. If you have a lot of video content, why not start with uploading them to a site like YouTube? Focusing on your strengths first will not only help enforce your authority as a leader in your respective industry, but can help boost your online marketing efforts much more quickly. If you don’t have a lot of video content, but have some amazing graphics, why not pursue paid online advertising on Google AdWords and social media marketing on Facebook, etc.? The point is to utilize what you have available today and getting started.

Online Marketing Agencies

Market Action Research, is much more than just an online marketing agency, as we offer various support services in web design, technology consulting, and more. Our team of trained professionals can help speed up the process of marketing your business online, and save you tons of time and costs your business’s marketing campaigns.

Hiring a professional online marketing agent or agency can help expedite your results. There’s a lot to know in the world of online marketing, and while it’s definitely something that can be learned, it often can take the most astute learner many months if not years to become effective at it. If you needed to figure out how to fix the radiator in your car you might be able to figure it out. However, there’s a good chance if you’re not a certified and trained car mechanic you can end up causing a lot more troubles, taking a lot more time, and even worst cause higher and more inflated costs than taking it to a professional. The same is true in the world of web marketing. Of course, we will always salute those daring enough to invest the time to learn more about the expansive field of online web marketing, but we always recommend having hiring a professional marketer to help do the job right.

Pay-Per-Task Web Services

Our team can plug right into your existing marketing campaigns and web marketing projects with our Pay-Per-Task Web Services offering. With these services we do not use any long-term contracts, and give your company a chance to try us out before committing to something longer. These services are designed to help you avoid paying high end fees to put a full-time in-house web marketing agent on your staff, but rather offer completion of tasks on a per-task basis. If you have a single task, a few, or just a couple tasks the Pay-Per-Task marketing services can help you get over the hurdle of your next marketing task.

In the article “Pay-Per-Task Web Services” we cover how the Market Action Research team can help with simple one-off marketing tasks to complete a project, assist with medium-term marketing campaigns, and more. We also offer this service for other website and graphic tasks too. If you have more than a couple marketing tasks, we offer specials for signing up for a monthly and annual projects too, depending on your level of commitment.

Local Web Marketing Services

The Market Action Research team has worked with companies all over the world. We offer services to all types of businesses in a wide spectrum of industries. It doesn’t matter at what phase or point you are on getting your online marketing campaign started, updated, or completed the MARS team is here to help. If you’re not sure which service you need, it’s more common than you think. We can help you navigate the best solution for you. We are proud to serve the best online marketing services and consulting to the following cities:

Web Marketing Services for Your City

If your city under local web marketing services is not listed, it’s okay! There’s a good chance we can offer web marketing services for your city and company. We work with companies across the internet and offer our vast web services, including: Web Marketing in Los Angeles County, Online Marketing Services in Ventura County, and several cities around the United States. While every business has unique characteristics that differentiate their brands, there are some things about web marketing services that are universal. If it’s not something that’s in our main line of expertise, there’s a good chance we know the people that can help you achieve web marketing success. We hope you choose our team for your next web marketing project.

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Why Hire a Web Site Marketing Company
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Why Hire a Web Site Marketing Company
If you’re looking to expand the potential reach to new customer groups and market segments, you might be searching for a web site marketing company. Increasing the number of site visitors will increase the odds of a visitor converting to a client.
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